Is Kevin Costner Considering Judge’s Order As A Win?

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A few days ago, he filed another formal complaint about his wife, Christine, not vacating their home. According to the prenuptial agreement, when Kevin Costner and Christine filed for divorce, she would have to vacate the home immediately. However, Christine’s lawyer filed a counter-argument mentioning he has been trying to ‘kick out’ his children and ex-wife, Christine.

Those kids lived there all their life. Christine as a mother, is not trying to uproot her kids from where they are based. She has been trying to find a home near, so it wouldn’t be impossible for them to adjust.

Last week she mentioned via her attorney finding a home in that area is difficult given the real estate situation. It would take 50 days to confirm a deal and move out. She has asked for time till the last week of August. However, Costner’s lawyers have made it possible, and the judge has ordered the home be vacated by the end of this month.

Kevin Costner’s Relationship Based On Calculation

From the beginning, he has been showing the court how much he has paid for the expenses of his kids and wife. Yet, his wife refused to move out. Kevin Costner has laid out all the expenses he has made for his ‘family.’ He has given Christine $ 1.2 million for all the moving purposes.

When she filed for divorce, it came as a shock to Kevin Costner. However, she hasn’t asked for spousal support. She asked for child support for three children and applied for joint custody. She isn’t a working mother. Thus, she needs the luxury to provide her kids with all the amenities they grew up with.

Kevin Costner has offered $10,000 to his wife, Christine, for moving purposes. And agreed to give her $30,000 per month for rental purposes. And another huge sum for child support. Christine had requested until 15th August, but the judge denied the request. Thus she has until the end of this month to vacate the home. Christine has alleged that her husband is trying to kick them out based on nothing solid.