IShowSpeed: Will a YouTuber Get Banned After Mistakenly Flashing Thousands Of Viewers On A Live Stream?


During a live stream on Wednesday, August 16, a popular YouTuber named IShowSpeed unintentionally flashed himself in front of thousands of viewers. Following a serious sinus infection that sent the streamer to the hospital last month, he recently released a return video captioned “He’s ALIVE!” Darren Watkins, also named IShowSpeed, streamed a video game playthrough titled Five Nights at Freddy’s to his YouTube fans just one day after making a comeback. However, when he unintentionally exposed himself on tape, his followers received more than they bargained for.

The YouTuber, who is famous for his exaggerated response videos, suddenly sat down and appeared surprised. The stream suddenly appeared to be abruptly stopped by speed.

Will IShowSpeed Face Sanctions?

Fans immediately flocked to social media to express their opinions on the unexpected occurrences, with some speculating that the streamer would be banned for a second time by the platform. IShowSpeed was a well-known Twitch broadcaster before switching to YouTube, but he was expelled for making lewd remarks about a woman content producer.

The incident happened when Speed confronted TikTok star Ashley “Ash Kash during a popular e-dating segment hosted by Adin Ross. I received like, a question, he said. Okay? Imagine if we are the last 2 humans on the planet, and that we have to procreate for the Earth to survive. Would you have children with me? A couple of days later, IShowSpeed announced on Twitter that he had been expelled for “sexual coercion or intimidation” and explained why.

To better enforce the Community Guidelines, YouTube made significant revisions to its Nudity and Sexual Content Policy in 2022. Both the platform and the Youtuber have yet to comment on IShowSpeed’s video or respond to it in any way.