Jack Dorsey’s First Post On Twitter Reaches 2.5 Million Dollars Bid

jack dorsey
jack dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, has put his first tweet ever on the platform on sale. The post is dated way back to March in 2006. The tweet will now be sold in NFT. Or non-fungible tokens. NFTs are digital certificates. It certifies a person who owns an image, video, or every other media form online. With this tweet, it will remain visible and available to all other users. Even after it will be auctioned off. This means whoever will purchase the certificate will receive a signed digital certificate. It will be verified and signed by Jack Dorsey himself. 

The purchaser will also receive metadata towards the tweet. It will all have other information as well, such as the time of the tweet. Even the date and the texts in it. But the thing is, the information is already available online on the social networking website. Three months ago, a place for marketing/selling tweets was launched online. The firm is called ‘Valuables By Cent.’ On the website, they have claimed that the tweet being purchased is as good as an autograph or memorabilia. 

Jack Dorsey’s Digital Asset 

Through NFTs, tweets have now become the latest digital asset to be monetized. And Tweets being traded are as similar as Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. It trades on blockchains like the others. 

This helps create an ownership certificate used for any sort of digital asset. Tweets being sold can have many people thinking. Even digital assets have their doubts today. But Jack Dorsey’s Tweet being sold as an asset is something the trading firm understands. It could be something of an emotional connection with the original author. 

Jack Dorsey’s tweet gained widespread attention on Friday since he tweeted the link to the listing. It was first listed back in December.