Eminem Responds To TikTok Users Canceling Him— With A Song


Past week, a group of Gen Z TikTok users tried to cancel Eminem for his morbid and often offensive lyrics. They posted about it on social media platforms, using hashtags and uploading images of being fake-offended or shocked listening to his songs. The thing went viral and immediately sparked an online debate between his fans and the young people coming for him. And things did not seem too well. 

Eminem’s fans have had his back since day 1. There have been debates, and stans of Marshal have been on the run. Some of them even admitted to a failed attempt of canceling him in the past. But it never seems to gain enough traction. They picked out songs in which the hip-hop legend raps about killing his wife and lyrics targeting other musicians. 

Eminem Replies With A New Song— ‘Tone Deaf’

On Friday, Eminem gave a stunning reply to the young TikTokers trying to cancel him. And it is the classic Marshall way of responding to critics and haters. 

He released a song called ‘Tone Deaf.’ He announced the release on his Twitter by quoting a handful of the lyrics in the post. The Oscar & Grammy-winner responded to the backlash in a simple, rhythmic way. 

In the song, he raps that he “won’t stop” after even his “hair turns grey.” The rapper came under scrutiny after a TikToker back in February pointed out that the 2010 smash song by him and Rihanna, “Love The Way You Lie” glorifies domestic violence and toxic relationships. 

The song builds upon and speaks about abusive relationships and being trapped in a toxic one. The rapper won a Grammy for the song and the record back in 2010 for the song. And it still remains a modern classic. It covers Chris Brown & Rihanna’s as well as Kim Scott and Eminem’s relationships.