Jack Dorsey Has Launched C= To Improve The Lightning Network Of Bitcoin

jack dorsey
jack dorsey

TBD, which is a subsidiary branch of Block- created by Jack Dorsey-, has recently launched a new initiative called c= which would be improving the Lightning Network of Bitcoin using services and a vast array of tools.

The Lightning Network, for those wondering, is a layer 2 payment network that was built to ease the mainstream adoption of BTC by creating a cheaper, faster, and vastly more reliable peer-to-peer payment system. However, c= has aimed at increasing the reach of LN through routing services and added liquidity. Since this initiative was launched, the capacity and liquidity of LN did see some exponential growth through real-world adoption. Along with that, services like c= also offer improved upgrades to support the adoption of Bitcoin on a global level.

Jack Dorsey’s New Initiative Does Help In Improving Transactions

Through infrastructure, services, and liquidity, Jack Dorsey’s c= also caters to businesses, wallet users, and operators of the lightning nodes for cheaper and faster payments. The services of Layer 2 have also been improving on a collective level which does make it easy for the public to adopt the ecosystem into one’s lives. 

In other news, Jack Dorsey’s Cash App, a popular payments venture, also went on to integrate the accounting software TaxBit, and crypto tax into the services. This move allows the users of Bitcoin a far easy way to report their taxes in a considerably easy way. As reported by Cointelegraph, Cash App also ended up launching their Bitcoin trading services in 2018 and rolled out the deposits of Bitcoin the following year.