Jamie Foxx Shares Childhood Pictures Of Daughter Corinne To Celebrate Birthday

Jamie Foxx

Corinne Fox has to have one of the proudest fathers around in Jamie Foxx, as she enters a new decade of her life. On February 15th, Corinne became 30 years old. Jamie Foxx, her father, celebrated the event by posting a touching Instagram post as a tribute. The post included pictures of Corinne when she was an infant, as well as when she was a young child, with Jamie alongside her.

Jamie Foxx Shares Sweet Bond With Daughter

In the heartfelt birthday tribute post, 56-year-old Jamie Foxx, who is also an Oscar winner, wrote that the moment he saw his daughter being born, he fell in love with her existence. He explained that she was a bright shining light in his world that everyone could see. As such, he decided to celebrate her on her big birthday when she turns “15×2”. The post continued by saying that no one knew how much he loved her. Jamie said he loved her to the moon and back. He called Corinne his saving grace and beautiful child. He ended by telling her that she has a beautiful soul and that may she enjoy her beautiful day.

For her birthday, Corinne did a Dublin trip. On February 15th, she posted pictures from the location to mark the occasion. In one of the pictures, she displayed a vibrant balloon collection that included a “3” and a “0”. In the caption, she wrote, “thirty, flirty & thriving”. In the final words of the post, she gave a teaser into what she is currently involved in, by saying that she was celebrating the fresh decade with her work family, as they were creating something special for the fans. The last few months have been quite happening for Corrine, with December 2023 marking her engagement with Joe Hooten, her boyfriend.