Janelle Brown Eagerly Waiting For Her Third Grandchild

Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown takes pride in her daughter who is eagerly waiting to be a mother to a third one soon. Maddie Brown Brush is all set to welcome the third one while taking good care of her first two. A video was shared on Janelle Brown’s Instagram story showing how her eldest daughter has been productively spending some quality time with her 3-year-old daughter Evie and 5-year-old son Axel while eagerly awaiting her child No.3 to be born with Caleb Brush, her husband.

Janelle Brown’s Daughter Maddie Sharing Productive Time With Her Children

Maddie shares her son Axel’s new obsession with geysers and volcanoes. She takes both her kids outside for some simple science experiment and that was their hype factor. She is seen instructing her kids to drop in some material in the cup held by them into another cup placed on the ground which caused a red-pink foam eruption. She further writes that the eruption did not last for long and that it disappointed Axel. She further writes about their plan to try cake and mentos the next day.

Janelle reposted the clip to her private Instagram story thanking Maddison and also appreciating her for being a good mother. The previous week a picture was uploaded by Maddison showing her baby bump expressing her excitement and eagerness for the final phase of her pregnancy. Maddison captions her picture talking about her 38 weeks of pregnancy. She also explains her hips getting swollen but she still feels good about herself and is all set to welcome her new baby girl. Janelle Brown and Kody Brown are blessed with Savannah who is 18, Garrison, 24 years old, Gabriel, 21, Logan,28, and Hunter, 25 in addition to Madison.