Bennett, The Infant, Sleeps A Lot, According To Jason Kelce, They Took Her To A Doctor

Jason Kelce

The infant daughter of Jason Kelce values her naps greatly. On the site of his forthcoming Campbell’s Chunky advertisement, which also features his sibling Travis Kelce as well as their mother Donna Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles player, 35, spoke exclusively with the media about how his family took their 3-month-old daughter Bennett to the doctor to ensure that her sleep patterns are normal because she enjoys sleeping so much.

Bennett, their third child, sleeps too well, Jason Kelce tells us. He continues that she naps so frequently that they had to check with their pediatrician to be sure it was acceptable for her to do so. Overall, the athlete says he and his wife, Kylie, 31, got super lucky with Bennett since she makes raising a family easy.

Jason Kelce On How His Daughter Bennette Has Made Parenthood Super Easy For Him And His Wife

He continues, laughing, that they had still been waiting for the show to fall which probably would become a lot more challenging. Once she was standing and active, life would become very tiring, said Jason Kelce. Jason and Kylie tied the knot around 2018 in April, and on October 2, 2019, Wyatt was born. Elliotte, their 2nd daughter, was born on 4th March 2021, and the couple had their third child on February 23, 2023. Kylie had posted a photo of Jason napping with their child once, revealing what goes on behind the scenes. Jason claims that having a daughter makes him so happy in his job. He loves all his children way too much, he tells the media.

“Before having kids, I promised myself that I would treat a daughter the same way I would a son if I ever had one.“Jason says, that he doesn’t think that treating kids differently was necessary but when he had his daughter, he had firmly decided not to spoil her.