Dream Big: Kevin Hart’s ‘Dream Big’ Tribute To Heaven’s High School Graduation

Kevin Hart

Heaven Hart, a child of Kevin Hart, has completed high school. The 43-year-old comedian and actor sent a touching message on Instagram on Friday to honor his eldest daughter’s accomplishment. Hart also praised his niece Sanny, who has now become a graduate, for setting an example for his 18-year-old niece Heaven by working hard in school.

He posted on Instagram saying that it wasn’t about him but his younger daughter whom he was extremely proud of as well as his niece, who was the first member of the family and earned a degree. He thanked her for having been an excellent example for Heaven, his daughter since she was headed toward a similar situation.

Kevin Hart On Having Mixed Emotions About His Eldest Daughter Leaving Home For College

Kevin Hart further added to his heartfelt homage to his daughter by emphasizing how her accomplishments serve as an example for each of her siblings and him. Along with his daughter, Kevin Hart is the father of Kenzo, and Kaori, with his spouse Eniko Hart, and Hendrix, with former partner Torrei Hart. Hart hinted at Heaven’s college choice in February last year by telling Ellen in the show that his daughter wants to attend a university outside of the state.

At the time, Kevin Hart jokingly said that he had been attempting to persuade her to continue living in Los Angeles with her family since the schools there were much better but she had been discussing New York. He also spoke about how much he loved his daughter and the beautiful woman she was growing up to be. “Central Intelligence” star further added that although he was very proud, he hated how his daughter would soon leave the home. The most recent academic year-end event that he has attended is Heaven’s graduation.