With One Catch, Jeff Bridges “Certainly Would” Act in a “Huge Lebowski” Spin-Off!

Jeff Bridges

The Academy Award-winning actor, Jeff Bridges says that he is excited and super joyful to have been a part of the movie. It’s a terrific movie, says the actor of The Big Lebowski from 1998.

A Big Lebowski sequel is not off the table, according to Jeff Bridges.

The legendary “King Kong” actor, 73, commented on the way this classic criminal comedy celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary a few months back in an interview about his collaboration with AstraZeneca for its Up the Antibodies campaign. He also spoke about being open to recreating his audience-favorite performance.

Jeff Bridges Admits That He Would Be Up For A Wonderful Surprise Spin-Off  Lebowski Movie

He exclaimed that he would most definitely participate if Ethan and Joel Coen, who created the 1998 film from scratch, were interested, adds Bridges.

The brothers, he continues, are full of mystery and wonderful surprises. One could never predict what they will do, he said, adding that since they were so unpredictable, he does not believe they will release a spin-off. “But as I said, they are unexpected, so perhaps they will take me by surprise and release a sequel.”, he concluded. The Big Lebowski centers on Jeffrey Lebowski aka “The Dude”, a slacker played by Jeff Bridges, and his exploits after being mistaken for someone who owes drug lord Jackie Treehorn money. The film stars several other wonderful actors such as Julianne Moore, Philip S Hoffman, Steve Buscemi, as well as John Goodman, and several others.

Elliott and Bridges, both 78, reunited at the beginning of this year at the SAG Awards 2023, where Elliott won the award for best performance by an actor(male) in a limited series (1883) and Bridges was nominated for best performance by an actor(male) in a drama series (The Old Man).

Elliott stated that he had been with Jeff Bridges and was overjoyed since the two had not met in a while.