Jen Shah Admits To Her Hurting People

jen shah
Jen Shah Speaks Up About Legal Hardships

Jen Shahbwho now seems to be apologetic makes a statement where she states her wish of reconciling with the victims of her mistake. The 49-year-old star said on Friday via an Instagram post that her marked presence at the prison is the fruit of her bad decisions for which she must be punished. She continued in the post that she realizes that people have been hurt due to her decisions and while incarcerated, she would make sure to make amendments and also make peace with the sufferers of her crime.

Jen Shah Uses Instagram To Admit Of Her Disillusionment 

Jen Shah then directs her followers on Instagram to click on a link provided in her bio which would lead them to YouTube playing a video of an interview of hers where she talks about how disillusioned she had gotten and had only been lying to her own self since she was too afraid to admit and believe of committing a real crime.

Jen Shah further says that she hopes for a judgment in due course of time not only for her wrongdoings that led her to prison but also based on her repentance that she would surely work on while her sentence has been forced upon her. Jen Shah also talks about her plans to publicize her art which would invite other people to hold her accountable. However, the kind of work she states is still a mystery that would be published.

Finally, she concludes her post by stating her belief in gaining freedom which can only be earned and she assures people that she would work hard to attain her goal would be to making her wrongdoing right-doing with those who have been hurt because of her actions.