Simu Liu Disappointed By Celebrity Look-Alike Cam

simu liu
simu liu

Simu Liu has been recently compared to some man belonging to Asia while at a segment of celebrity mirror image held on Friday evening at the NBA’s Celebrity All-Star game.

The Social Media People Slammed The Comparison Made Between Simu Liu And An Asian Man

The 33-year-old star tweeted of enjoying his time while he resents the comparison terming it as not having a cool impact. He tweeted this to comment on a side-by-side image of the fan and the star is shown on the big screen or a jumbotron. The public on social media too was quick with their criticism of the choice made for the mirror image.

A fan tweeted that the chosen man was some random Asian guy while the other fan on social media opined the comparison to be bad and wrong in multiple ways. A third fan went ahead and explained why the comparison was problematic in multiple ways. He states that the issue with the comparison was that the two had no real similarities in their characteristics except both belonged to the Asian race.

He further questions the system of this look-alike contest. He says that these comparisons are made where something or rather most of their looks are supposed to be similar, be it the beard, haircut, or build. Here the comparison of some guy with Simu Liu is nothing but a promotion of a stereotype where all Asians are supposed to look alike.

After social media began to flood with criticisms, Simu Liu took again to Twitter where he wanted to make some clarification regarding his previous tweet. He blames the cameraperson and tweets that the NBA to not at fault. Simu Liu on Saturday tweeted that it is just the cameraman who drew a weird comparison which is not similar in any way. He also says that he is not meaning to disrespect the Asian man.