In An Upcoming Martin Scorsese Movie, Jennifer Lawrence Is Being Considered To Star As Leonardo DiCaprio’s Spouse

Jennifer Lawrence

It looks like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio will be starring together again in a movie soon. With Killers of the Flower Moon’s critical and commercial success, Martin Scorsese is excited about his upcoming endeavors. If you’ve watched any of his movies, you’re probably aware of how frequently DiCaprio appears. In his next effort, Leo will star with Jennifer Lawrence. When they appeared together on screen for the first time in the satirical catastrophe movie Don’t Look Up, the two seemed to get along well.

Jennifer Lawrence Gears Up To Play Frank Sinatra’s Wife In New Biopic

Given that the two are slated to portray husband and wife in a Frank Sinatra biography, it would appear that Scorsese is hoping this connection holds. The upcoming biopic directed by Martin Scorsese will center on the life of singer and performer Frank Sinatra. Jennifer Lawrence is planned to actor Ava Gardner, who is DiCaprio’s second wife. Together, they will play the “Sultan of Swoon.” The information is a bit lacking because no formal statements have been made, and it was previously thought that Tina Sinatra, who is in charge of her father’s estate, hadn’t granted her approval. Both Apple and Sony are reportedly interested in the project, with early estimates suggesting Sony could have the upper hand in landing the movie. Despite having a tremendous collection of work, Scorsese has stated in the past that he is running out of time to tell the tales he wants to.