When Asked If The Most Sophisticated AI Robot Can Make More Of Itself, It Responds Horrifyingly


Engineered Arts, a British business, invented Ameca the robot. Social media is exploding with horror stories about an AI robot’s answer to the question of whether it could eventually replicate itself. Ameca, the “world’s most advanced” humanoid robot, visited the NAB Show in Las Vegas, which ran from April 13–17, 2024. With the use of microphones in its ears, cameras in its eyes, and artificial intelligence (AI), the robot can see, hear, identify, and communicate with humans.

AI Assures That They Would Not Be Able To Design Themselves Anytime Soon

The robot was created by the British business Engineered Arts, and footage showing her painting cats and making predictions became popular very quickly. To put it mildly, Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, responded on social media by writing, “Yikes.” Nevertheless, Ameca didn’t make her debut until this year, when she first met people at one of the world’s largest tech events. She also left a really strong effect. Colin Smith, a TikToker who uses the username @photoshopcafe on the video site, posted a video of Ameca responding to a questioner on the platform yesterday, April 16. Ameca was asked when she thought AI would get to the point where it could “design itself.” Ameca responds in a first comforting manner.

“Design itself huh?” she asks. Asking a toaster when it will begin producing its bread is analogous to that. Artificial Intelligence is a technology under human control.