Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s New Girlfriend Jennifer Spinner Goes Official On Instagram

Jennifer Spinner

A new woman has entered Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s life. The 44-year-old ex- “Real Housewives of Orange County” star has admitted she is dating Jennifer Spinner, 38.

In an Instagram video posted on Wednesday, Windham-Burke, who came out as homosexual in 2020, gave followers a taste of their new romance as they enjoyed a holiday in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Jennifer Spinner, the mother of seven posted the Instagram Story where they were seen relaxing at the beach while Ben Rector’s “Living My Best Life” played in the background, “I like her, we laugh a lot, it’s good.”

Jennifer Spinner also used an Instagram post of them holding hands at the beach to declare their relationship as official. However, she captioned the photo that told here is to some more cheesy posts.

Given that Instagram is where the former Bravo star announced the news and that is where the two first connected, it just made sense.

She revealed to Us Weekly on Wednesday that they initially met because Jennifer Spinner’s brother “is in the same buddy group that my ex-girlfriend [Victoria Brito] used to be friends with,” and that they originally communicated on Instagram “in a hilarious way” before moving on to more serious communication.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s New Girlfriend Jennifer Spinner Makes Their Relationship Official: 

Windham-Burke admitted to Page Six in July that she was dating again but would not reveal who.

Given that her romance with Victoria Brito died out because of the distance in June this year, the former reality star is understandably reluctant to enter into another long-distance engagement. After she split up with her ex-girlfriend Kris in the latter half of 2021, Windham and Britto began dating.

In December 2020, Kris and Braunwyn made their relationship known. However, they broke up in April of the following year.

The reality TV star was spotted holding hands with Kris in pictures obtained exclusively by Page Six just three weeks after her breakup with Britto. But according to a source close to the former marriage, it was all platonic.