Jeopardy Contestant Stumbled Upon Something Too Easy


The contestants couldn’t answer the verse, which hosts Mayim Bialik began when they were asked to recite the further portion of our Father. They were asked to recite the next. This is a very famous verse from the Bible in Christianity. These lines can often be heard in exorcism. The Jeopardy Contestant failed to answer them. The audience quite immediately booed them. The reaction from the audience is expected, not from the contestants, obviously.

Three contestants failed to recite the lord’s Prayer, perhaps a shame to the religious belief.

Tense Environment In Jeopardy

The most awkward silence perhaps the Jeopardy audience and the contestants faced or made. Mayim Bialik was rather stunned by the silence of the contestants. And her face said it all.

Mayim Bialik read Matthew 6:9, which says, ‘Our Father Which Art In Heaven,’ This ‘Be Thy Name. 

However, the Jeopardy Contestant Suresh, Joe, and Laura couldn’t recite the rest of the part.

The moment went viral on the internet. Some users and daily followers of Jeopardy are mentioned. How she has been catholic for only two years. But it’s crazy how she still remembers the later part so vividly.

Host Mayim Bialik was shocked and quick to react.

Some fans also mentioned those who failed to hit the buzzer contestants as Jeopardy nerds. How one user’s two years old niece is aware of the part?

Some were shocked to see these people could actually participate in a game show with so little knowledge per se.

There is also a song, Hallowed be thy name, by a 1982 heavy metal song. They could have at least referred to that.

One Twitter user wrote how being an atheist is still aware of the answer.