Jeremy Renner Airlifted To Hospital As Snowplow Ran Over His Leg

Jeremy Renner

They had to airlift Jeremy Renner after a plow ran over his leg in a town in Nevada last Sunday. Jeremy survived the accident but is in critical condition.

A latest footage that TMZ received on Monday showed how a helicopter airlifted Jeremy Renner from a clear road with a lot of snow around and then flew off towards the nearest hospital. Hawkeye is currently under treatment in the hospital.

One of the neighbors of the Marvel superstar talked to media outlets where it was revealed that the snowplow ran over Hawkeye’s legs that caused him losing a lot of blood.

One of his neighbors was a doctor who got a tourniquet placed in Renner’s legs until the medical team came to airlift Jeremy Renner to the nearest hospital.

Jeremy Renner is an Oscar-nominated actor but he is currently clinching to life in critical condition after the accident happened. A representative of the actor said that the family is gathered around him and the star is under amazing care.

Hawkeye Airlifted To The Hospital: Jeremy Renner Under Critical Care:

Jeremy, who resides approximately twenty-five miles outside of Reno within the vicinity of Mt. Rose-Ski in Tahoe, has uploaded videos previously and pictures of himself utilizing his snowplow to assist his household in escaping winter storms.

He captioned that video saying that he respect mother earth a lot and he expect to lose the clash against the windy nights coming their way this winter. However, he will give it his best to keep his family safe.

In another clip he uploaded almost four weeks ago Jeremy Renner star was seen driving a vehicle, his Jeep Wrangler in circles in snow. In the caption section of the video he said that preparation for pre-winter in Monday morning could never be better than this.