Jeremy Renner Shares New Video With His Fans

Jeremy Renner

From his hospital bed, Jeremy Renner has been providing updates. This time, he posted a video of himself being wheeled into a room with a scanning device.

The Marvel star has been receiving care in the ICU at the Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada after his recent snowplow mishap, in which he was “crushed” by the machine while assisting a family member who was trapped in the snow.

Jeremy Renner Is Still In The Hospital

In a recent interview, the 52-year-sister, old’s Kym, discussed her brother’s condition and said that he was “busting all the progress targets.” She continued, “We couldn’t feel more optimistic about the path ahead.” Jeremy is a warrior who doesn’t mess around, according to everyone who knows him.

The Hawkeye actor recorded himself lying on a hospital bed as a disguised medical staff member wheeled him from his feet into a room in a recent picture he published on his Instagram Story. Another hospital staff was visible in the room to assist with his care, and the footage revealed a Canon scanner, possibly for a CT or an MRI scan.

Jeremy Renner has expressed his delight over the return of his television series Mayor of Kingstown, the new season of which is slated to begin tomorrow, while he is still in the hospital. On his Instagram Story, he posted a picture of a billboard advertisement with himself acting as Mike McLusky with the caption, “Spotted when I was asleep.” According to the TMZ-obtained 911 call log from Jeremy’s mishap, his 14,000-pound Snowcat “totally crushed” him.

Jeremy Renner was reported to have suffered many injuries, including heavy bleeding from his head, and as his upper body was crushed and the right side of his chest collapsed, he reportedly had “severe difficulty” breathing.