‘My Handsome Boy’: Jessica Alba Posts Images Of Her Son Hayes’ Kindergarten First Day

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Jessica Alba is enjoying watching her kid mature. Hayes Alba, 5, was smiling for the camera as the mother, 42, uploaded pictures of him getting ready for school. Hayes posed in front of a placard that said, “1st DAY OF KINDERGARTEN,” while donning a checkered top over a green tee paired with darker green leggings. The adorable placard included the child’s name, age, and the date Tuesday, suggesting he began school a day before Jessica Alba’s post. The placard also stated that he wished to be excellent growing up. 

Jessica Alba Proud Of Her Son Attending His First Day At School

“My gorgeous boy Hayes’ 1st day of school,” Just incredible how quickly time has passed. Still my little baby,” the Fantastic Four actress wrote as the caption for the touching picture. In the other print, Alba and her kid appear to be heading together to school, and the actress is holding her son’s hand while gazing adoringly at him. The mother and kid were shown together in the post’s last image, and the Into The Blue actress kissed her little son.

Alba’s mom Cathy Alba commented on the page, “I clearly recall how difficult my initial day of preschool was compared to yours.” “You said goodbye,” Jessica Alba also shared images of her girls’ first day of school after the summer break in August. 12-year-old Haven Garner, and 15-year-old Honour Marie, both smiled in the photos as they gave poses for them.

“My little kids started school on the 7th and 10th – where has the time gone? (sigh) ‘Momlife is the best life. Summer is finally over. Today is the first day of school,’ the actress captioned an Instagram photo. With her spouse Cash Warren, whom she wed in 2008, Alba has three children: Hayes, Haven, and Honour.