Why Hannah Godwin Didn’t Bring A Bouquet Across The Aisle: The Wedding Day Was “Saved”

Hannah Godwin

Hannah Godwin is sharing some of the decisions the BIP stars along with Dylan Barbour made for their wedding day with fans two weeks after their lovely destination nuptials. On August 23, in front of 145 friends and family members, their wedding extravaganza that lasted a week concluded with a tender ceremony and celebration at the Chateau de Villette in France, as exclusively reported by the media. Since then, 28-year-old Hannah Godwin has answered inquiries about the much-anticipated wedding, including why she chose not to carry the customary flower bouquet that many brides carry as they enter the church. 

Hannah Godwin’s Crazy And Fantastic Wedding Day Story

In a clip posted to Hannah Godwin’s profile on TikTok at the beginning of this week, the newlywed states that they have had a small controversy, “To begin with, I didn’t just miss my flowers. Although it could have appeared that way, I wasn’t forgetful. However, the bouquet was not intentionally omitted to “begin a trend She admits, that it was perhaps a little silly,  “I was asked if she wanted to walk with the bouquet.” I cannot recall who it had been. And that was it. I said, “not really.” “Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone with a bouquet at a wedding,” she continues. If someone didn’t have one, I would have never known. In light of the current situation, I mean. 

Hannah Godwin believes that despite not giving her decision much thought, not holding a bouquet ultimately “saved” the day of her wedding. Godwin’s veil became tangled in the cobblestones of the site as she approached Barbour during the event. She complained that the floor was shaky. I had already been a little uneasy when walking on it because of all the cobblestones and other obstacles, but I failed to consider the possibility of my veil being tangled in one of the cobblestones.