Jessie James Decker Stood Up For Her 3 Children

Jessie James Decker

Social media has become unhealthy, and people have become so rude and mean, they don’t spare innocent places or people. They spread hate regardless of age, color, religion, and caste. And this time they didn’t spare Jessie James Decker’s children. As a mother, she stood up.

Jessie James Decker’s Children Have Been Bodyshamed

Jessie James Decker, a reality star and mother of three, whom she shares with NFL player Eric Decker. Body shaming has no limit in this merciless society, it doesn’t spare anyone. and looks like not even kids or favorite celebrities. Being a busy mom or wife doesn’t affect her relationship with Eric Decker or her kids.

She recently shared a photo of her three children in a bathing suit, having quality time on a beach. And some people started commenting on Jessie James Decker’s kids, as she is a celebrity she might be keeping her children on a special diet, to look like that. And they look strange as per the comment made by a woman.

Whom Jessie replied with kindness and commented as one mother to another. And she made sure no one will ever comment on her children’s photo, she shit down that woman with her kids won’t look like the one she wants them to, and she has no space to make such negative comments about their bodies. Some even said they were ‘Jacked’. And as a busy mom, she does take care of her kids and husband properly. 

Jessie James Decker further commented on adding a new member to their family, that if it happens that’s a blessing, and if it inst that’s also okay, she will think that it didn’t mean to happen. And Jessie James and her husband aren’t following a strict routine to make it work.