Jinger Duggar Might Be Suffering From Eating Disorder, As Per Speculation

Jinger Duggar
Jinger Duggar

The users of social media platforms are worried about the health of Jinger Duggar, the American TV personality, as she has grown very thin in one year. Jinger Duggar revealed a year back that she has been suffering from a dangerous eating disorder since she was a teenager. She is currently 28 years old and she is married to Jeremy who is 34 years old now.

Jinger Duggar Posted Easter Pictures Where She Looked Very Thin

The couple posted some photos of their celebrations on the Easter weekend on Instagram and called it Resurrection Sunday. The photos they posted showed that she has lost a considerable amount of weight. As Jinger Duggar shared before that she was suffering from an eating disorder, and the users of social media were wondering whether she is still suffering from the disorder or not. 

Some people are really worried about her health and wished her to get better in case she really needs some help. The photos they posted on Sunday showed Jinger Duggar wearing a white jumpsuit with a white belt giving a stylish finish to the outfit. The jumpsuit she was wearing was high-necked, short-sleeved, and long and she wore a nude pair of sandals which totally went with the outfit.

Initially, the fans were gushing about her look and wrote that she was looking stunning on Instagram. However, some users noticed that she was looking slim as compared to before and then they started speculating about the disorder. One of the users wrote that she has probably lost nearly 20 lbs. 

As per one follower, she is worried about her as she is getting very thin day by day and one of the reasons might be her having a naturally small frame. However, as she went through ED herself, she stated that it would be her worst enemy. Another user suggested that her ED might have recurred because of her physical body-conscious husband or the simple fact that she currently living in Lon Angeles.