Joe Gorga Stretching The Boundaries

joe gorga

When it comes to the matter of family, people tend to go far beyond their Boundaries, like Joe Gorga. He has been at odds with Teresa Guidice. The Realhousewives of New Jersey is wrapping up with their final reunion episode. Teresa Guidice was utterly humiliated by Gorga’s wife. Now she has demanded an apology. She wants to cut all ties with her brother. In contrast, her brother is still hoping for reconciliation in the future.

No matter what, he would be there if anything unexpected happened to her. Teresa is his only sister, and he is not yet ready to cut ties completely.

Joe Gorga Broke Sister’s Heart

Teresa Guidice answered. She is just mad with Gorga. He further added he is also upset with her. With all the stunts she has pulled inside the family. Teresa’s emotional outburst shocked many. She yelled at Joe Gorga to honor her. Not when she is dead but when she is alive. She literally stopped Joe Gorga when he was speaking.

Here again, Louie Ruelas’ Teresa’s husband, always wanted to maintain a good relationship with his brother-in-law Joe Gorga. However, they do not have a good relationship. In Joe Gorga’s words, he proved him wrong whenever he wanted to believe Luis. He screwed him.

Gorga strongly believes Teresa Guidice’s changes were because of Luis. In the middle, Melissa jumped in to save Joe Gorga. Where she was called a liar. Teresa even stopped Andy Cohen from talking. Meanwhile, Luis was trying to cover for Teresa. Gorga told her sister how she was ruining herself.

After all the dirt-throwing sessions, the reconciliation seems far-fetched. Teresa Guidice went way too far with the family problems with Gorga. It’s evident she never really liked Melissa. She has called her names.