Naomi Watts Pays Tribute On Instagram

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Perhaps the darkest years in Hollywood. Many legendary people have died since last year. And the cycle continues. Recently Treat Williams’s accident left many spellbound. He died in a motorcycle accident. He worked alongside Naomi Watts in Feud. She posted on Instagram, paying tribute to the late actor. Treat Williams is known for his outstanding role in Hair and Everwood. He has also worked in Chicago Fire.

It’s not only Naomi who is saddened by the death of Treat Williams. But other co-actors of his like Ryan Murphy. He was an inspiration to many. His family not only lost their members. The Hollywood industry has lost an incredible actor.

Treat Williams Left An Impact On Naomi Watts In A Short Time

Naomi Watts worked in Feud with Treat Williams. His agent has been there for him for the last 15 years. He shared the news on Monday. Mentioning what exactly happened to him. How incredible and talented a person he was. In a short period, he impacted Naomi Watts’s life.

Naomi Watts penned down a note for Treat Williams. She wrote Treat was an exceptional actor. She had the opportunity to share many scenes with him while filming for Feud. Naomi Watts wrote he was a family guy who always spoke lovingly of his family. Treat Williams becomes friends with Naomi in a short span.

She noted how devoted her husband was. His professionalism was truly remarkable. He never chose his career before his family. He always kept his father and duties primary. He told Watts great stories of his experience. She further added that she didn’t know Treat closely enough. Yet she is confident that the world of cinema has lost a gem. Treat Williams became Naomi Watts’ great scene partner. The moment she would cherish forever.