John Ritter And Three’s Company Production

John Ritter

It’s been 20 years since John Ritter left the world. His productions Three’s Company has run successfully for 50 years. He suffered from aortic disease. He was on set when he was taken to the hospital after the attack. Priscilla Barnes showed up at John’s memorial. She gushed about what kind of a person he was.

He made everyone feel at home. Focused on making everyone feel comfortable. According to Priscilla Barnes, he was a goofball. He made sure every feel safe around them while they are on set.

John Ritter’s Foundation Inauguration Took Place On Thursday

Many great actors and actresses were present to support John Ritter’s family. His death is very shocking. He was completely fine however negligence and lack of information caused the attack while he was on set.

On Thursday John Ritter’s Foundation for Aortic Health took place in Hollywood. 

Three’s Company Production was something everyone wanted to work with. All the credit goes to John Ritter for his incredibly warm behavior. He made everyone at home. He was so down to earth even the technical guy could approach him with any kind of problem.

Priscilla Barnes further mentioned that even the guest stars were comfortable in his presence. He made it easy for everyone.

She starred as a nurse Terri Alden from seasons 6-8. She was sassy. John Ritter made sure she was given all the attention and service she needed.

He maintained a proper relationship with everyone on set. He might have been different in his personal life. However, he never let it affect his work life. When the Ritter family lost their member. Barnes lost a friend.

John Ritter always appreciated experimentation. He wanted all the actors present or working side by side to have fun on the set. It was his theory it was the only way to get the best of the best.