Greatest Milestone By Cillian Murphy

cillian murphy

 Like any other actor, Cillian Murphy wanted to work with Christopher Nolan. The only god-level physicist in the Hollywood industry. Peaky Blinders reached the top among all the series on Netflix. It was a different kind of Milestone for him. Peaky Blinders went to the top amongst all the greatest Netflix series.

Not only Netflix USA but all over the world.

Murphy has worked with him before. However, every movie holds a different type of excitement and for every actor.

New Nolan Lead Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy’s first time working as a lead actor in Christopher Nolan’s film. He has offered him the lead role in Oppenheimer. The Manhattan-based story. A story of the mastermind behind making the atomic bomb.

Cillian Murphy recalls it was the best day of his life. He has worked with Christopher Nolan before. He has worked in Inception, Dunkirk, and of course Batman films.

This one hit differently.

He considers this as an achievement. He has confessed how Nolan appreciates hard work.

He has said in front of the press that he previously told Christopher Nolan if he is available. And Nolan has a part to offer he will be there immediately.

Cillian Murphy never really cared about the size of the role he was offered. He just wanted to be part of his film. He has immense respect for him as a person and as a creator.

Nevertheless, who doesn’t want to play the lead role in Nolan’s film? So did Cillian Murphy. He manifested the biggest possible role till now. 

He is beyond grateful now.

With power comes responsibility, he is now ready to take responsibility. Until now he has been preparing himself for something massive. He has earned it. It’s his time to prove he is worth it.

Christopher Nolan always provided him with all kinds of roles. According to Murphy, they were all challenging in their own ways. Nolan always leaves a long-lasting impact on people. He has left an impact on Cillian Murphy creatively and professionally.