What’s New With Mama June Shannon?

Mama June Shannon

The new season of the Mama June show returns on  WE tv on Friday.

The world witnessed the transformation of Mama June Shannon.  In her own words, she has been through hell and back. A lot of tears were shed given her experiences. She has seen it all. From fighting over small issues to bringing changes in the family in a positive way. It has been challenging indeed.

Fame was there from the beginning, it just faded sometimes. Probably due to excessive mockery. Fans trolled on social media. The sixth season is arriving soon.

Mama June Shannon Shed A lot Of Tears, The World Is Going To Witness Soon

In her own words, a lot of fights, heartbreaks, and tears led Mama June Shannon to finally be at peace with her family.

They, especially all, worked hard to be where they are today.

Season six of Mama June: family in Crisis returns Friday on WE tv.

They dedicated themselves to work on this season.

Mama June Shannon teased the fans about how they will get to see a lot of table-turning moments. Which shocked them. Now it’s going to shock the world perhaps.

It’s been challenging for her since she handed over her youngest daughter to the oldest one. She handed over sole custody.

She has been told by her daughter how she was as a mother before.

Mama June Shannon prioritized her new love interest more than her daughters.

She married Justin Stroud. She didn’t get approval from her daughters in the beginning. They all had a very rocky relationship. Her past experiences with other men led her daughters to protectiveness taking control of their relationship.

Mama June Shannon’s new husband also believes last year was one hell of a ride indeed. It affected June’s health all over. It scared the girls. It took a toll on Justin.