John Stamos Spends 60th Birthday With Son, Billy

John Stamos

John Stamos has decided that the best way to spend his 60th birthday would be with his son, Billy. The actor of Full House and his five-year-old son recently shared a snippet of their amazing together on Instagram, which also marked the milestone birthday of the actor. In the sweet video, Billy and Stamos could be seen laying down in a bed as the actor asked his son if he knew how happy the actor was to turn 60 and also have an amazing son like Billy.

To this, his son replied that his father was extremely happy. In one of the timestamps of the video, Billy also tells his father that he didn’t look 60 from any angle- but rather looked like a baby. As a response, Stamos asks his son about his age, and how old Billy thinks John looked. This prompted his son to reiterate that John looked like a baby, and also 60 years old. 

John Stamos Celebrates 60th Birthday With His Son Billy

John Stamos also asked Billy if he thought about him in his prayers. To this Billy responded that he definitely thought about him. The Instagram video then ended with a nice montage of family moments, as well as audio of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka instructing Charlie Bucket at the end of the movie. Willy told Charlie to never forget what happened to the individual who received everything that he always wanted- for he lived happily ever after. 

John Stamos further captioned the sweet video, mentioning that he was right where he was supposed to be for his 60th birthday. His son, Billy, was born in 2018 and is the only son of Stamos, and Caitlin McHugh, his wife.