Levi McConaughey Joins Instagram On His Fifteenth Birthday: View His Awesome Post

Levi McConaughey

The oldest kid of Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey has accomplished an awesome new feat! The ecstatic parents formally welcomed their son Levi to Instagram this Friday in recognition of his fifteenth birthday. The couple said in a clip posted to their individual Instagram profiles that they had given their son his account after three years of deliberation. 

“@levimcconaughey #welcometoinstagram, #happybirthday,” read the caption. The setting of the site “Levi is LIVIN ” made the event feel more intimate. Alves was anxious about reaching the milestone, according to the True Detective actor. They are eager for the world to witness life through Levi’s eyes, but they have complete faith in their kid and his Instagram followers to head with love and respect. 

Levi McConaughey To Prove Himself A Tough Contender Says, Father Matthew 

McConaughey stated that Levi McConaughey, his son, knows himself and what he truly is and what he’s doing and he believes that he can manage that. He has a fascinating tale to offer, believes McConaughey. He further added that he wants the audience to know that Levi McConaughey has his own story for the audience, he’s a nice and respectable young man who would be coming for his audience and the father sincerely hopes that everyone would treat him equally. Matthew also asks Levi McConaughey to enjoy his journey and express himself and never stop telling his story. He also encouraged him to post his opinions online if he wishes irrespective of how people may react. The happy parent wished their child a happy birthday in the last moments of their videos. Levi already knows how to use social media. It was a formal introduction to Levi’s universe in his first post. 

Levi McConaughey’s first post on his page, which now has above 130k followers, was titled “Happy to be here.” Alves and McConaughey, who are also the parents to Livingston, 10, and Vida, 13, have previously posted brief pictures of their kids on their individual Instagram profiles.