Jordan Spieth Reveals Second Baby With Annie, His Wife

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth has become a father to two children now. The 30-year-old pro golfer posted the great news on September 20th on his Instagram profile. He wrote that he and Annie Veret, his wife, welcomed the second baby on September 12th. It is a girl and they decided on the name Sophie for her.

Jordan Spieth’s Newest Addition To The Family

Jordan Spieth posted a picture of the baby being cuddled in his arm in black-and-white. In the caption, he welcomed Sophie, attaching the date 9/12/23. As per ESPN, Jordan Spieth was supposed to go to Italy’s Marco Simone golfing grounds to scout it out for the upcoming Ryder Cup. However, he canceled it and stayed at home because he wanted to be beside his wife when the baby arrived.

The Ryder Cup’s organizers did not have any problems. Instead, they commented their congratulations to the golfer in the post’s comments section. They welcomed Sophie and exclaimed how happy they were to have her on the United States team. Jordan Spieth and Annie Veret got married in 2018.

Their first child, their son Sammy, arrived in November 2021. When he was born, Spieth had posted a sweet picture of his hand being clutched by the tiny hand of Sammy. In the caption, he gave his son’s name and birthdate, along with the news that he was feeling blessed because both the mother and baby were healthy and well.

In about 2 months from now, Sammy will be 2 years old. Earlier, he had stolen the spotlight when he was seen alongside his father and mother during this year’s Augusta National’s Masters Par-3 Contest in Georgia. In a picture on the official X account of the PGA Tour, the father and son were seen inspecting the grass on the ground.