Jose Andres Recalled When He Burned His Daughters’ Eyelashes One Time

Jose Andres

On his show, Longer Tables featuring José Andrés, the famous chef’s  kids discussed a few of the humanitarian’s parental mistakes. Even though José Andrés is indeed a fantastic humanitarian, his girls claim that he’s not a great dad.

The chef’s 3 daughters, Carlota, Luca, and Ines, joined him on Wednesday’s ep of his talk show, Longer Tables where they discussed what it is like to start growing up with a famous chef as a father as well as to take trips through his home nation filming their own new series, José Andrés and Family in Spain.

The founder of World Central Kitchen said that he hosted his most amazing guests on last week’s episode of his podcast with his daughters. Daughters of Jose Andres were there to share some behind the scene stories of their new show. However, it turned out to be the kids roasting their dad.

Jose Andres Recalled When He Burned The Eyelashes Of His Daughter:

After reminiscing about their tour to Valencia, in the city where they took part in Las Fallas, a week-long celebration in which monumental paper-mâché as well as wooden carvings honoring life are set ablaze in the center of the city, Carlota acknowledged that she had been worried about how close the father wished to participate in the structures.

Jose Andres’ daughter said that he thought their father were trying to scold them as they went too close to those statues. They said that their face got all red, and felt like those were first degree burns.

When Jose Andres asked them if they think he put them in danger, they said that they were worried that their lashes might once more burn off.