Joseph Fiennes Recalls A Bad Mistake

joseph fiennes

Perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and mistake. Joseph Fiennes recalled playing God of Pop culture Michael Jackson. Back in 2016, in Urban Myths, he played MJ. He still regrets that. However, there will always be a part in him, he badly wanted to play that. It was indeed disastrous. Regrets are there till today, yet full of experiences.

It was an extremely controversial role in his career. Now he looks back regrets with. He considered that as a wrong decision. He was not alone in this worst type of decision. There were other people involved. However, he was the face and voice. Which makes him the only target of the netizens.

Joseph Fiennes Was Black Listed

It was a rookie move for the directors, producers, and other cast and crew to present Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson. Back in 2016 when the Urban Myths episode aired. The world came crashing down on him specifically. Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson Twitter. With her utmost disgust. She pointed out that the cast and crew deliberately made this episode to insult her late father. After watching that she mentioned she just wanted to vomit. Not only her father, but the production also humiliated her godmother.

Joseph Fiennes was not alone. He was accompanied by Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor. Also Paris Jackson’s godmother. And Brian Cox as Marlon Brando.

Joseph was the face of the legend, thus all the criticism and threats were directed at him. 

Soledad O’Brian didn’t step back. He wrote one fine morning he decided it was going to be a beautiful day. Alas, then he remembered someone played Michael Jackson. Rather he made it evident Joseph Fiennes isn’t the right person to play such a legendary role.

Joseph Fiennes believes everyone chose him to play the role because of his skin tone. Michael Jackson was closer to his skin tone.