Just Sam Was Daydreaming And The American Idol Broke The Reverie

just sam

Samantha Daiz, known as Just Sam. She won the American Idol 2020. She was daydreaming before witnessing the actual world with her own eyes. She also thought like others, after winning the competition she would be getting offers and Money. Alas, it was not the case. Nothing happened. She has gone back to singing in NYC subways again.

That’s the only way Samantha earns now. She is 24 years old with a burning passion for music. She isn’t ashamed to sing in the subways. Even after winning one of the prestigious competitions.

Will Power Is Feeding Just Sam And Her Family

She has no one but her mother. She won the title at the beginning of the world shutting down. Just Sam’s thoughts were like any other human being’s. It was a ticket to fame and fortune. However, she got none. It’s just her willpower which is keeping things easy for them.

Just Sam said she puts her heart and soul into the music. She won’t be going home empty-handed. It was a big relief for her that she could feed her mother three meals a day. Sometimes she does things to just record at someone’s house and upload it. All she does is tell herself people loved her before and they will support her surely.

Just Sam immediately went back to the subways. At first, she also hesitated before going back. It was shameful to let people know you needed the money. She had no work even after winning the season, it came as a shock to many. She is hopeful about the future, today’s investment would come to fruition. She and her team are collaborating on something grand.