Justin Theroux Fell In Love With His Character From White House Plumbers

Justin Theroux

In a recent interview, Justin Theroux shared the love he had for his character in the White House Plumbers.

In the upcoming series on HBO, Theroux plays the character of G. Gordon Liddy, who along with E. Howard Hunt went on to organize and direct the unsuccessful burglaries at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee- which was set up at the Watergate complex in 1972.

Speaking to Page Six, Theroux spoke about how Liddy had written an autobiography, in which one would get the impression of it all being a tall tale- or something similar to a Paul Bunyan character- which could potentially punch a tree down. But after portraying the role, he ended up falling in love with the character- or at least certain aspects of the character. 

Justin Theroux Is In Love With His Character From New Series

It could be assumed that Justin Theroux didn’t love the parts where Liddy played recordings of Adolf Hitler’s speeches to his guests. He went on to joke that he could possibly pass on the Hitler stuff, as well as betray the election and the electoral process.

But Theroux was duly impressed with the optimism that he showed, where he was in his element and living his own life- something Justin believes everyone could have in their day-to-day life. The star of Leftovers also added that he believed one was allowed to fall in love with the characters- even if they had their flaws- for one could choose which portions they wanted to love. 

The bungled burglaries of Justin Theroux and Harrelson’s character led to major investigations, as well as the unfolding of a scandal that finally culminated in the resignation of President Nixon in 1974. Liddy was then convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and refusing to testify to the Senate Committee- ended up serving around 52 months in jail.