Kaley Cuoco’s Daughter Earned The Badge Of Jonas Brothers Fan

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Her daughter Matilda is six weeks old. Kaley Cuoco recently gave birth to her daughter. Previously she has posted pictures of her pre-pregnancy photos. Where she posed with her husband and her dogs. She mentioned how they are waiting for their little sister to arrive. 

The six weeks old obviously threw tantrums. To everyone’s surprise, she was calmed by a Jonas Brothers song.

What a coincidence, the Jonas brothers are about to embark on their US tour. Already got a new fan. Perhaps the youngest fan.

Kaley Cuoco’s First Mother’s Day

She was awestruck after finding out she was pregnant. Her daughter Matilda was born perfectly healthy. The couple was overjoyed.

Kaley Cuoco shared many pictures of the tiny baby girl.

She was going through emotional ups and downs during her pregnancy. She thanked everyone after Matilda was born. She was grateful to everyone for how patiently everyone dealt with her.

Kaley Cuoco recently shared an Instagram story from her everyday life. How she was dealing with her daughter’s scream. It was deafening.

Out of the blue when she started playing Jonas brothers songs she calmed down.

Kaley Cuoco can be seen wearing home clothes. A black T-shirt and baggy trousers. 

She was holding her daughter up in the air to distract her.

Perhaps Matilda had her Simba moment with her mother.

There were her dogs, they were also probably frustrated with all the cries.

Kaley Cuoco going through sleepless nights. It was her first Mother’s Day. Like everyone, it was special.

Kaley Cuoco went on saying after giving birth to her daughter. How natural her partner is. The way he takes care of both. Things just blow her mind. He changed the diapers of the newborn with utmost care. It was eye soothing.