A Proud Grandpa Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

The British rockstar Rod Stewart’s daughter Ruby gave birth to a baby boy named Otis. And his son Liam gave birth to a baby boy Louie.

Double joy for the Stewart family.  His kids made kids and he couldn’t hold his happy tears anymore.

Two new names were added to the Stewart breed.

He is the father of Ruby. He shared her with ex-girlfriend Kelly Emberg. Son Liam Stewart shared him with ex-wife Rachel Hunter.

He has previously shed some light on this matter: how do they adjust with each other? Rod simply said they are siblings, that’s how.

Rod Stewart And His Extended Family

During the 80s it was taboo that revolved around Rod Stewart. He had Ruby out of wedlock. He was criticized for that obviously. Later he married Liam’s mother and got divorced.

Being a rockstar costs the majority of your peace. Be it professional or personal.

Rod Stewart’s son Sean Stewart got married out of the blue a few months ago in Vegas. He was on his way to a private concert where he learned his son got married. He was very happy and blessed them.

Rod Stewart’s daughter Ruby gave the baby to her father to hold. Where her stepmom took the picture.

The newest grandpa is learning social media. He has posted a photo holding his two grandchildren. He couldn’t be more proud.

One photo is where Rod Stewart is lying next to his wife. And Penny Lancaster is holding the baby of Ruby.

His First Instagram story of his had photos of his two grandsons. He collaged the photo together one where he is holding Otis. And another one holding Louie.

Liam Stewart and his girlfriend Nicole. His son is perhaps the mixture of all countries. He is American, British, Croatian, and Kiwi. He captioned his post on Instagram.