“Stopping By For Cuddles”: Karlie Kloss Shares a Rarity of Her Two Children

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss has been delighted to be a mother! The 31-year-old supermodel took a break from her demanding work schedule earlier this week to spend quality time at home with her newborn baby Elijah Jude along with his older brother, two-year-old Levi Joseph. She chronicled the occasion with a snapshot posted on her Insta Story on Thursday.

In the picture, Karlie Kloss was holding Elijah and a small piece of paper with messages while sitting on a couch next to Levi and grinning at him. The mother, who has two children with her spouse Joshua Kushner, captioned the picture saying that she had taken a break for cuddles. Karlie Kloss said in a previous post that she had been in NYC to participate in a panel discussion at the CGI about reproductive rights. 

Karlie Kloss Opens Up On Working With The Gates Family In Keeper’s Foundation

She continued, “the value of funding and assisting independent clinics nationwide, especially in my home region of the Mid-West,” alluding to her own Chicago, where she would also be speaking. In a later photo, Karlie Kloss could be seen grinning while pumping breast milk indoors while drinking a beverage. The phrase “multitasking at its best” was written over the picture.

Karlie Kloss also posted a video of her coming to the Keepers Foundation meeting hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The model appeared in photos from the occasion standing with their family and speaking with Phoebe Gates onstage. The event was “compiled by Melinda and Bill Gates and their amazing work on several areas over a long period of time ranging from the importance of investing in girls’ and women’s health,” according to Kloss in the video clip. She said, “The discourse that Phoebe, Kathryn, and I are having today has been about power and agency. And that comes to education, money, and community.”