Pink Is Making The Most Of Her Break From World Travel


Pink, the “So What” singer, 44, emphasized the time she spent around Nashville, with both her two children, son Jameson, 6, and 12-year-old daughter Willow, in a photo on Instagram on Friday.

Her two children, who she has with her spouse Carey Hart, may be seen in two monochrome pictures riding scooters opposite each other down a long road while sitting on a playground climber. Pink captioned the pictures, writing, “Holidays in Nashville, get me out.” “Crash a playground at an elementary school, make two children happy. Franklin nights: soccer matches and fireflies. Have a good time.

Pink Posts Of Her Marvelous Holiday In Nashville

Pink’s most recent tweet was made a week post the pop diva shared some images and videos of herself having fun with her children at a Pennsylvania amusement park.

“Hershey Park wins, hands down. Pink, whose childhood was spent there, captioned her Instagram post: “RVs for days- rollercoasters and arcades… I last visited these forests when I was around four years old. “Hometown Philly, I’m coming in strong!” She previously disclosed that her children will be traveling with her on the most recent tour, which is presently making its way through the US after beginning in Europe. Willow joined the singer for her debut concert in the UK as they sang their hit “Cover Me In Sunshine,” which 48-year-old Hart, recorded and shared on media. 

I’m very proud of him for taking the stage with Mama! The pleased father captioned his photo, saying, “Must be an experience for mum to share with her little child on stage. Prior to her performance at Boston’s Fenway Park the previous month, Pink also shared photos of her time with her kid. The team was seen posing for photos in front of a staging area in an Instagram image before the show.