With Fall, Lenny Kravitz Debuts His Account On TikTok With The Return Of His Wildly Popular Big Scarf

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz has a TikTok account now. The “I Belong To You” musician arrived on the social network in stunning style on Saturday, donning apparel with autumnal hues and the greatest possible accessory: a huge brown scarf! But this scarf isn’t just any ordinary scarf. That scarf is fantastic. The one, you know. In his inaugural TikTok post, the renowned rock and roll singer, 59, quipped, “Grab your mega scarf, it’s the initial day of fall,” as he walked toward the lens. The actor from Shotgun Wedding paid respect to a self-portrait from 2012 that looks to be a never-ending gift. 

Lenny Kravitz’s selection of warm clothes was immortalized on the net more than ten years ago when paparazzi caught him running a simple errand. So many years later, the picture is still being made fun of online. Lenny Kravitz continued to be questioned about it in 2018. 

Lenny Kravitz Opens Up With Fallon On His Giant Scarf

On TTS with Jimmy Fallon around September 2018, the host joked about the “American Woman” hitmaker’s popular meme.

“I can’t get out of this,” Kravitz playfully said that he lived around the Bahamas and that he was used to the warm weather  He lived around the Bahamas and was used to the warm weather and he would visit the shop, he was getting groceries, and he thought he would wear a scarf to keep his throat protected, and that was the only scarf he had. Fallon replied that the scarf looked more like a blanket. In her statement, Lenny Kravitz added that that’s the day he had thought he’d go out with it and had no clue of the paparazzi being there and the rest was history. 

The hero of Shotgun Wedding stated how it looks like each year, owing to Photoshop, the brown scarf becomes more and larger.