According To Angelica Ross, Emma Roberts Said Sorry For Her Allegedly Transphobic Remarks

Angelica Ross

Emma Roberts allegedly apologized to Angelica Ross for her actions on the AHS: 1984 set. Ross claimed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Roberts contacted her to make apologies one day following the Pose alum’s accusation that her previous costar, 32, had made a transphobic joke, remark on the set.

She tweeted on Wednesday thanking Emma Roberts for apologizing over the call and for having realized her mistake. She further added that she would leave it open for following up on her commitment so that she can use the platform to support causes concerning social justice while working towards self-improvement. 

Angelica Ross Calls Out Emma Robert’s Alleged Transphobic Comments

Transgender activist Angelica Ross first addressed the incident on Instagram Live on Tuesday; the video was recorded by a fan account of AHS. Ross said in the clip that she and Roberts—whom she only addressed by initials and her first name—had an altercation while filming the series.

“Emma is before me with her back to the mirror while I stand there chatting to her in this manner. She allegedly said, “She said, ‘John, Angelica’s being mean,'” apparently alluding to director John Grey. Grey allegedly said that it was enough and they should resume work, according to Angelica Ross.

“[Roberts] then looks at me and says, ‘Don’t you mean lady?'” the actress said. She then does this turn while covering her mouth. I’m trying to digest what she just said as I’m staring at her and staring at her dead in the [camera]. If she reported the alleged event, Ross claimed she feared being punished; she added that her blood was boiling because she felt like if she said something, it was going be her problem.” I am aware of this because someone publicly denounced what she had been doing and suffered as a result. The media has tried to contact Robert’s representatives on the case.