Tupac And Jada Pinkett Smith Uploaded A Video Of ‘Terrible Job’ Lip-Syn To A Will Smith Song

jada pinkett smith
jada pinkett smith

The most recent sneak peek of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s biography featured a scene with the late Tupac performing one of the songs of her spouse Will Smith called “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

On Instagram, 52-year-old Jada Pinkett Smith posted a small extract from her memoir Worthy, where she discussed the incident involving Shakur, Smith, 54, and her. She also provided a clip of Shakur and her dancing and humming to the song Smith composed as half of The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff duet, which won the 1988 Grammy for Best Rap Performance. 

Jada Pinkett Smith Fondly Remembers Her Friendship With Tupac 

Not in her wildest dreams would Pinkett Smith have imagined that she and the famous Fresh Prince would end up getting along well. “I never in a thousand years thought that the fates of three lives would be so interwoven.” She noted that the film served as a “physical reminder of the final time Tupac and I were together just kids.” Later, Pinkett Smith uploaded the complete video to Instagram. She captioned the second image, “This is a portion of the first clip of us trying our best to lip sync Parents Just Don’t Understand, and failing miserably.

Shakur, who passed away in 1996 September, and Jada Pinkett Smith both attended the same school when they were young. They got along well and in the movie All Eyez on Me, which starred Demetrius Jr. as Assata Shakur and Kat as Jada Pinkett Smith, their friendship was dramatized. In an interview hosted by Howard Stern around 2015, Pinkett Smith reflected on how she had never met anyone like Tupac in her entire life, noting that he had a lot of charisma, for which she admired him a lot.