Cryptic Post Of Jada Pinkett Smith On Instagram

jada pinkett smith
jada pinkett smith

The silence of Jada Pinkett Smith has been finally broken as she posted on Instagram recently after her husband Will Smith publicly slapped Chris Rock. After such an unfortunate incident at the Oscars 2022, last Sunday, Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock and to the entire world for such rash and violent behavior by posting an apology letter on Instagram. 

What Can Jada Pinkett Smith Possibly Mean By Her Post?

Following that incident, Jada Pinkett Smith, finally broke her silence as she wrote that this entire season is known for recovering and she hinted that as Will Smith is trying to get back to his normal life, she will be with him to make it easier for him. Will Smith wrote an apology after he slapped Chris Rock in the middle of the show which was later on broadcasted to approximately 200 countries all over the world. 

Thus one interpretation of the healing could be Smith’s apology and the other could be related to the joke cracked by Chris about her bald head which made her look perfect for the sequel of G.I. Jane. However, Jada Pinkett Smith is suffering from alopecia which resulted in her hair loss and thus, Will got emotional after the joke and reacted in a violent manner. 

Another speculation is that the season she spoke about will be her latest Facebook show season, Red Table Talk, where many people are thinking that Will Smith will come to reveal his actual state of mind. The people are speculating this as the couple has openly talked about their controversial open marriage relationship on RTT where Jada Pinkett Smith disclosed her extramarital affair. 

Though Will has given an apology later on and Chris did not file a police complaint against him, still, he can face some penalties from the Oscars 2022 administration as they have lodged an investigation against Will.