Katy Perry Stages A Diamond-Studded Performance In The Midst Of American Idol Fiasco

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is nothing less than a firework. Tiffany & Co. re-opened its flagship store in New York City on April 27th. There, Katy Perry performed while wearing a diamond necklace with double strands. The judge of “American Idol” was also wearing a Givenchy gown in Tiffany blue. She had on sheer bottoms coupled with a bow at her back.

Katy Perry Shone Just As Bright As The Diamonds She Was Wearing

38-year-old Katy Perry chose $995-worth Givenchy G Chain Cube Sandals and a $3800-worth Mini Kenny Bag, by the same brand, to go with her strapless gown. Her surprise performance included “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, and “Dark Horse”. In a post on Instagram, following the end of the event, Perry posted quite a few glam photos. In the captions, she asked the viewers to look at her because she was sparkling.

The public appearance follows a considerably tumultuous time for Katy Perry. Viewers of the reality show “American Idol” had called out the pop star’s disrespectful attitude towards We Ani, a contestant. The uncalled-for behavior followed the elimination of Elijah McCormick, Perry’s favorite singer at the show.

Perry had not offered Ani any feedback on the performance. Instead, the start had talked about being shaken by the latest elimination results. She added a plea to America saying that they have the votes and that they are failing to use their voice if they are not voting. She further added that their favorites are not safe so they should vote for the contestants that they would like to see make it to the final 12.

In April, the “AI” audience further booed Katy Perry after she criticized singer Nutsa Buzaladze for her glittering outfit. She said that every time Nutsa goes on stage, it seems like a glitter bomb and that she would like to not see any glitter from her again.