Son of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Escapes To Miami In Response To Father’s Purported Ban On Social Media


We have unique knowledge that Yair Netanyahu, the oldest son of the Prime Minister of Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu, involves allocating spending a few months in Miami to “separate” his life from his conflicting father.

According to a source his son loves Netanyahu but wishes to do something of his own. The source further added that he belonged to a different generation whose priorities included activism and social media and certain personal convictions. Only a few weeks have passed since Netanyahu reportedly forbade him from going on the web before his journey to the State of Sunshine. It has also been reported that numerous insiders have recently revealed to the Israeli press organization the Walla Times, Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu, 73, informed Yair that he was reportedly “creating havoc” with his provocative tweets.

Netanyahu’s Son Travels To America After “Creating Havoc” In Israel, According To His Father

According to reports, the prime minister’s son is one of Israel’s top right-wing Twitter users, therefore his parents urged him to “cool down.” Yair hasn’t tweeted anything since March 28 and that statement was made public on 13th April.

According to our insider, Benjamin disapproved of his son’s active protests and doing it publicly. He further called it threatening, especially in a place like Israel.

For Yair, the source believed that America provided him with notions of distance and independence and there the spotlight would also be less on him. Since having arrived in Florida, Yair hasn’t exactly kept it low, though. He had been located there on Tuesday night to honor his Jewish heritage. loanDepot Park belongs to the community of Miami Marlins. Yair was spotted at the beginning of this month leaving for America, as reported by the Jerusalem Post, and according to other news reports, he plans to stay there for a while.

The prime leader also has a 44-year-old daughter from a prior union with Miriam Haran named Noa Netanyahu-Roth.