American Idol Fan Favorite Katy Perry Came Under Fire For Making A Tearful Statement

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On Monday, April 1, the show’s performance by competitor Odell Bunton Jr. left fans and Katy Perry in disbelief. The 28-year-old Texas native previously dazzled the judges on American Idol with his performance of Sam Cooke’s “Bring it on Home to Me.” Bunton is a resident of Dallas and works the night shift at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport as a security guard. The competitor has previously stated that he has always aspired to be a singer but had to postpone his goals to focus on being a good father to his little family. “Trying to provide for five has not been easy,” he remarked. It’s been difficult.  

Katy Perry Moves Burton To Tears With Her Announcement

During his visit to the show, Bunton talked about his life with Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie, and Katy Perry, her co-judges. He stated, “Man, it’s tough.” There were twelve individuals residing in one hotel room. Just a tiny cooking area and two bedrooms.” However, what left supporters furious was Perry’s handling of the competition’s following round.