Kehlani Opens Up On Her Sexuality: Everyone But Me Knew I Was Queer, She Jokes


Kehlani has come out on her sexual preference in a video she posted on Thursday. The R&B singer took to TikTok and began her video by saying what she claims everyone already knew.

She has since deleted the tweet, but the video was already shared and revealed that she was a lesbian. Star of the ‘Can, I’ hit alternates between both ‘she’ and ‘they’ pronouns. She had already revealed her preference in her songs.

Her Family And Friends Beat Kehlani To The News

She says that her friends and family said they already knew when she revealed her sexual orientation to them. She had expected them to be taken aback but was surprised when they took it casually. They said that maybe it was only she who did not know about her sexuality. So she decided to take to TikTok to let her fans know something which she herself was confused about for so long.

Though she had previously stated that she had never revealed her gay nature, she had always come out as a queer. She admitted in an interview that her straight sexual identity has played a part in her success. She said she had been privileged in this aspect.

She says it is tougher for black men to identify as gay. Kehlani said that she never had been under pressure to come out with her sexual preference. It has been mainly due to the way she had always presented herself.

Trans-people had it tougher because they were obvious about their sexuality. LGBTQ+ people are still persecuted. And the public is still biased in this regard, she feels. But she has been lucky that it has not affected her, says Kehlani.

She opened about only because some people were curious about her sexuality. She said that she was not drawn to straight men. She has been sexually fluid both in her music and her life. that has been the subject of her music and has given her confidence.