Kelis Recounts Scary Moment Where She Nearly Fell Off A Cliff With Her Kids


Kelis, the ‘Milkshake’ singer, got into some major trouble after her vehicle became stuck in the snow as she was trying to take her children skiing. As opposed to seeing things from a negative perspective, Kelis went in a completely other direction. She felt it was important to forewarn her children that things may get much worse. 

While there is always snow in the San Bernardino region, true blizzards are uncommon throughout the winter. The last blizzard warning was issued in 1984.

Kelis Spreads Awareness

Kelis gave her Instagram fans an update on her life and the circumstances she was in through a video post. During her video, she stated: “We were out in the elements for quite some time, but we brought our snowboarding gear. And thus, God is good. And I decided, if you are going to be there, you may as well put your best face forward. This is why I am bundling up with several layers of clothing.

Thank goodness I turned on my light because it is completely dark outside. Shoes with a silver exterior and little reflecting properties. It could always be worse, you know. What a terrible idea. Such a rescue, in terms of style! These clothes are from a rescue collection. See? Be ready for anything. I intended to take the kids to the snow, but we narrowly avoided a precipice. Therefore, work with what you have got and be ready for everything.”

Both Santa Monica and Ventura were buried in several inches of snow or rain. Even if there have been two other incidents of similar scale in 2023, last weekend was by far the worst. A lot of famous people had a hard weekend, but they made it through. Famous people whose houses were damaged include Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry. Kelis was in a very real and potentially life-threatening situation, yet she handled it with humor. All of California is having a tough time due to the bad weather since the state is not prepared for natural disasters of this scale.