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Kevin Durant Provides An Apology For His Offensive Language

Kevin Durant, the basketball sensation from the team, Brooklyn Nets, apologized for his misbehavior. He is guilty of using misogynistic and homophobic language on Michael Rapaport, the actor plus comedian. It was done so in a private interaction between the two. 

Kevin Durant Was Misogynistic And Disgraceful

Michael Rapaport took to the social media platform, Twitter, to show the world the misbehavior of Kevin Durant. It was done so at the start of this week. The actor shared the screenshots of the conversation that took place between the two. He claimed that the messages were sent to him by Kevin Durant himself. This causes the basketball sensation to face some serious backlash from fans and other people.

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Following the incident, the 32-year-old Kevin Durant gave a statement to a news channel. It was stated that he never intended for people to witness the kind of disgraceful language used by him. He added that he hopes to move on from it and resume his responsibility of playing. 

The exchange between the Brooklyn Nets player and Rapaport took place in the month of December in the year 2020. It seemed like Kevin Durant was not happy about the comment that was passed by the actor with regard to an interview that had taken place just after a game ended. 

Rapaport wrote a few lines concerning the player over the social media platform, Twitter. It was about an interview he attended after his game. He tweeted that the Nets player was so deep in his own feelings. The tweet was done on the 22nd of December. The actor further added that the player seemed too sensitive when it came to his personal feelings. He concluded by writing not to carry out an interview. 

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