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Stimulus Check Update: Track And Recover The $1,400 Easily

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario when your stimulus check never comes on its own. You do not know the way to go about it. Calling up the IRS is not going to resolve the issue. The operators at the IRS do not have more information than is accessible from their website. So what do you do if your stimulus check never reaches you, or is below the amount you expect?

You will not get support from operators at the IRS end. This feature was a part of the initial stimulus check in the middle of 2020 but is not available this time around. The third stimulus check is more complicated this time, given that we are in the middle of the tax season. The last date for filing your 2020 returns has been extended till May 17.

Unanswered Problems Regarding The Stimulus Check

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You may have questions related to a lot of issues. It may be the number of dependents you can claim, the steps to take in case of a lower check amount, issues with your deposit account, etc. You might also be a non-filer or your check might have been garnished by private debt collectors and you need information. You might even have received the letter from the IRS stating that you have received a payment but the amount never arrived.

You will need to know the steps to trace your stimulus check. And finally, you may have to take certain steps to recover the whole or any part of the stimulus check as part of the tax returns for 2021 to be filed in 2022.

Problems With The Direct Deposit

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

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You are not allowed to alter any information with the IRS related to your bank using the IRS tracking tool. So your stimulus check might have returned if you closed your account, or might have received your previous stimulus payments in a temporary bank account, or a temporary debit card.

If your check gets returned, the IRS will mail it to your mailing address, the details of which are with the tax authorities. But first, you need to contact your bank and get details if a stimulus check was returned recently.

Keep a close watch on the IRS’s ‘Get My Payment’ tracker to be continually updated on your stimulus check before it arrives. Also, the US postal service has a free tool to trace your mail. so if your stimulus check has been sent by the IRS through the mail, subscribe to that mail tracker. The bulk of the stimulus check will go out through the postal service post-March 24. It will be in the form of either a prepaid debit card or a paper check.

Has The Stimulus Check Been Garnished?

The third stimulus check will be garnished by private collectors. In such a scene, call the bank to verify that your money has indeed been diverted.

Find out if you have time to file an appeal with the court to prevent a garnishment. And If you feel that your money has been seized by mistake in the previous two stimulus payments, file an RRC (Recovery Rebate Credit) along with your return next year.

The IRS has begun sending out the stimulus check for federal beneficiaries such as the SSI, and the SSDI, and they can expect it by April 7. Veterans and railroad employees should get their stimulus payments by the middle of April.

Received The Letter From The IRS But Not The Check?

The IRS sends out a letter 15 days post sending out your stimulus check. It confirms your payment and reaches your mailing address. Retain the letter as it will help you trace your stimulus check if you do not receive it.

The most common causes for complaints are not receiving any one or more of the stimulus checks or receiving only a part of it.

But first, you need to confirm if you qualify for the third stimulus check. Your altered income might make you ineligible for a third stimulus payment.

If the IRS has sent you a letter confirming that a stimulus check has been sent to you (Notice 1444), but you do not receive it, you will have to request a Trace. You should also do so if the Get My Payment tool shows that your check was sent to your address.

Information About The First Two Stimulus Checks Missing?

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

The only way to recover missing payments is by filing for a Recovery Rebate Credit with your tax return. You have to file a return even if you are a non-filer. They include retirees, older adults, recipients of federal benefits like the SSDI, SSI, Retired Railroad workers, and veterans. Individuals with an AGI of less than $12,200 will also not have to file their taxes. And save the letter sent by the IRS. You will need it for your claims.

You should also file an RRC (Recovery Rebate Credit) if your payment for child dependents is wrong, or if you have missed out on payment for your child born or adopted in 2020.

If you know that your stimulus check has been sent by the IRS through the tracking tool or the US postal service tracking tool, wait for it to be delivered. But make sure of the payment you should be getting in your check so that you can file for the remainder later.

As the payment has overlapped with the tax season, some people may have received only part of the stimulus payment.

You will automatically get your stimulus checks based on the information you have given to the IRS in your returns if you have filed your tax returns.

But if you are a non-filer, and your gross income is below $12,200 (or $24,400 for married couples), you will have to file a tax return for 2020 before the May 17 deadline. The Non-Filer tool is no more open. Or you may have to wait until 2022 and file for the amount as Recovery Rebate Credit.

The ‘Get My Payment’ App Indicators And Other Troubleshooting

If you do not receive payment even after receiving a payment date on the app, the IRS needs more information to process your request. The stimulus check might have been returned because your address was incorrect. The ‘Payment Status Not Available’ on the IRS tracker could also mean that you will need to wait for the check as it is on the way.

The third stimulus payment will come in the form of an ‘Economic Impact Payment Card’ for around 5 million Americans, sealed in a white envelope with the Treasury seal of a US Department.

In order to claim any missing amounts from the stimulus checks, first, identify the cause of the difference. It could be that the calculation has been based on the 2019 return. Or you have not given the information of your dependents correctly. You might have welcomed a baby to your home in 2020 and the IRS doesn’t know about it.

In the case of a mail scam, you can report any stolen stimulus payment on a federal trade commission website if you feel that your check has been stolen. The EIP service also has an instruction that you should follow in case of a missing card. Or you could call 800-240-8100 for a replacement. Read up on the fraud section even if you have misplaced a paper stimulus check.

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