Kevin McKidd Vacaying In Italy

kevin mckidd

With his beau. Kevin McKidd is dating none other than Danielle Savre. They are currently in Bellagio, Italy. Many celebrities prefer spending the summer on European beaches. The crossover episodes brought them together.

Kevin who plays Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy. And Danielle Savre is the Maya Bishop in Station 19. Who is a firefighter?

They have known each other for years now. Both of them have had their previous relationships which didn’t work out. Kevin has been married before. And the new relationship came to the surface right after the final announcement of their separation.

Kevin McKidd Is Perhaps Moving Forward Third Marriage?

He has been married twice before. From 1999 to 2017 Jane Parker. They share two children, Joseph 23, and Iona 21.

Kevin McKidd got married again in 2017 to Arielle Leigh Goldrath. Last year in December they finalized their divorce.

They share two children Aiden who is 4 and Nava a 3 years old little girl. As the reason for the divorce none of the stated any solid reason.

Arielle Leigh Goldrath stated irreconcilable differences which led to the separation. She filed for joint custody of their kids.

Not only did Kevin McKidd’s ex-wife request for reclaiming her old name. Which was previously Arielle Leigh Goldrath, not McKidd.

Kevin McKidd separated from her wife in July last year. Later he shared an Instagram post. This was perhaps the best option they could think of. They still have immense respect for each other. It took a lot of self-examination to reach this point in their lives. 

They will continue to be friends with beautiful children. With shared History and real Parents.

Now Kevin McKidd is linked to Danielle Savre. Savre previously shared she has been engaged with both men and women romantically. She always plays the part of a bisexual woman in Station 19.